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What are e max veneers, e-max crowns, emax teeth?

teeth veneers

The E-max veneers are one of the greatest products in aesthetic dentistry. With the help of contact lens-like ceramics, we can achieve significant changes in a very short time when it comes to colour and size differences or minor defects. The E-max veneers are the secret behind the perfect Hollywood smile. The main points of […]

Remove tartar from teeth. The most effective ways of avoiding dental plaque formation and tartar build-up


Oral hygiene plays a key role in our daily lives, as we can only be satisfied with our appearance if we have healthy and beautiful teeth. If the teeth start to decay, we should consult a dentist immediately, but thorough and frequent dental care will also help us prevent most dental problems.

Stained teeth and teeth discoloration


A neat, white and healthy set of teeth gives confidence to its owner. Stained teeth, on the other hand, might give the urge to hide the unwanted deterioration. We hardly open our mouths during talking, and the overall width of the smile decreases. In time, teeth discoloration might unfortunately result in self-evaluation problems.

Celebrity teeth

Obama teeth

On TV we can see confident, charismatic politicians, superheroes defeating villains and singers who make their audience fall in trance. They all smile at us with an enviable, perfect set of teeth.
How is it possible? Is it inevitable that every successful person will amaze us with their bright, shining teeth?
Of course, there are lucky people who got regular, beautiful teeth naturally, but in most cases the desired smile is only available with the help of qualified dentists.

Do I need to get tooth reshaping?


Who would not agree that healthy, nicely shaped, naturally white teeth make their owners self-confident and therefore more successful? In today’s world, the emphasis we put on our appearance is even bigger than before. This is why more and more people use the various methods of tooth reshaping.

Teeth whitening – What kind of teeth bleaching methods are available?


When an important meeting comes up we often think about how we could look more appealing. We may realize soon that our smile is not perfect, or at least, it’s not as beautiful as we would expect it to be. Should we feel that the color of our teeth frustrates us, distracting us from important things, it is recommended that we look for potential modern solutions.

Veneers cost abroad 70% less

cheap dental implants

Veneers cost abroad 70% less. Veneers are very popular in modern cosmetic dentistry because they offer amazing results under the gentlest conditions. Veneers are custom-made ceramic shells, which are usually mounted on the teeth in the front region (smile zone) permanently in order to achieve an optical embellishment of the smile.

A cosmetic dentistry abroad

cosmetic dentistry abroad

They say that nothing is for free; that quality has a price, and this saying is usually true. Countries that are present in dental tourism – Hungary, for instance – still offer cosmetic dentistry services for significantly more affordable prices than Western-European clinics. The question is: can relatively cheap treatment be good? Can one find […]

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