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The truth about non prep veneers

Non prep veneers unfortunately also have disadvantages

An opinion about no prep veneers from a professional. Are non-prep veneers right for me?

An article about non-prep veneers, written by our main dental aesthetics specialist, Dr. György Turcsányi, who specialized in the different techniques for veneers.Some patients are looking for an alternative to traditional dental veneers or bonding, as the traditional veneer procedure requires more preparation of the teeth. But everyone has to keep in mind that this treatment option is not appropriate for everyone. This is where the truth comes in.

The main points of our article are the following:

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What are veneers and what are the main types of it

Veneers are layers of a material (shell) placed over the tooth that perform aesthetic and protective functions. It can be used to repair minor tooth defects such as minor fractures, cracks, discolouration, unevenness, irregularities, or gaps.
Previously, the only way to correct these types of irregularities was orthodontics or to enclose the tooth with a crown completely. Veneers have made a revolutionary change in aesthetic dentistry: due to them, you no longer have to make a compromise on creating the perfect tooth.
Different materials are used to make the shells: porcelain, composites, and ceramics. Material and implementation significantly affect the quality and the price. However, some veneers differ not only in their material but also in the technique of how they are designed and placed on the teeth.
Veneers can be made directly with the help of a dentist, built into the mouth, or indirectly: produced in a dental laboratory and then attached to the tooth using dental cement made of synthetic resin.

Is there any disadvantage of durable dental venners?

no prep veneers
In addition to their numerous advantages, durable dental veneers also have disadvantages. For example, teeth may become discoloured, but the colour of the veneer can no longer be refined or repainted. Also, improperly prepared or applied veneers can lead to tooth decay, and the tooth can become sensitive due to the previously removed enamel.
In some cases, therefore, it is worth considering the use of non-prep veneers, which we will discuss in more detail in this article.

Advantages of non prep veneers

Just as with porcelain veneers, the minimal preparation veneers or non-prep veneers – as the terms suggest, they typically do not require the dentist to remove as much tooth material – are bonded to the front surface of the tooth. Often, the placement of non-prep veneers can be done faster and with less discomfort than that of traditional veneers.
This means a brilliant, new smile without the extensive preparation of existing tooth structure. With non-prep veneers, the process is reversible and practically risk-free. The procedure is reversible, as little or no tooth structure is removed.
A painless solution which can reshape to a certain extent, brighten and whiten a smile.

When are non prep veneers a good idea?

There are a significant number of patients who have relatively small teeth for a variety of reasons: e.g. external causes such as acid erosion; genetic factors resulting in naturally small teeth and spacing between the teeth; discrepancies between jaw and teeth size — just to name a few. These instances all provide potential candidates for “without preparation” restorations.
Short, worn out teeth – creating a smile with more visible tooth length can sometimes “turn back the clock” for someone who has worn their teeth down by grinding.
Narrow smiles – Many times, the teeth on both sides of the smile are positioned inward and do not show from a frontal view.
Teeth that need to be more visually present – e.g. when big lips overpower them, or when teeth are too small in relation to the whole smile.
Teeth that are genetically misshapen – “Peg laterals” is a fairly common condition in which one or both of the teeth directly next to the two upper front ones are very small and peg-shaped.

Cases, in which the non prep veneers are not suitable

  • Improper tooth position
  • Large discrepancies in root position
  • Malocclusion
  • If some form of orthodontic treatment is necessary to mechanically move the teeth
  • If the patient declines orthodontic treatment, some amount of tooth preparation may be necessary to create the illusion of proper alignment
  • Teeth that are already relatively large or positioned forward in the smile do not typically allow aesthetically and mechanically to add another layer of material

Disadvantages of non prep veneers overall

  • If you have dark teeth, the no prep veneers are too thin to block out the dark underlying color of the tooth to look natural and if attempted, it will be opaque or chalk looking
  • Non prep veneers are not suitable for teeth that are naturally thick, angled outward and too big
  • This technique of veneers result in thick and unnatural looking teeth, as another layer of material is added

One of the works of Dr. Turcsányi, you can see here more: Experiences site

non prep veneers

no prep veneers

Learn more about Dr. György Turcsányi and if you would like to know if you are eligible for non prep veneers, contact us with a picture of your smile! You can also learn about the veneers costs before you contact us.

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