How will my dental personal assistant help me to decide for the best dental treatment in Budapest?

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Short answer: She knows what you want to know. Everything you need to know about your dental treatment in Budapest.
Detailed answer:

Dental treatment in Budapest: Before and after pictures

You need someone, whom you can rely on, that is why we created the system of Dental Personal Assistants (DPAs). To give you professional and gentle dental care for your dental treatment in Budapest.

First you have to make a decision – and very likely you have problems and questions about that. Especially if you are not very comfortable with the internet.

  • How to get a panoramic x-ray and a quote?
  • How to find the best clinic, specialist and treatment?
  • How to book an affordable flight and accommodation?

By gentle dental care we mean:

  1. Helping you in making an informed decision
  2. Organizing the dental treatment(s) and transfer
  3. Being there for you, if facing problems

How will my dental personal assistant help me when I get there?

Short answer: She is your Genie. Her lamp is her phone.

Detailed answer: She lives in Budapest. She knows everything and everybody involved in your dental treatment in Budapest. She knows the city, the clinic, the specialists, our drivers, receptionists.

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And you know what? You don’t even have to pay for that! You will only owe her one thing. When you come home again smiling happy with your strong, white teeth, write her an e-mail, a testimonial saying she was a real help for you. That’s what we mean by gentle dental care.

A dental treatment in Budapest combined with a lovely European holiday?

Short answer: Heal your body and your confidence during your dental treatment in Budapest.

Detailed answer: While getting your teeth fixed, just enjoy the peace and ease emanating from these historical centers of art and timeless beauty.

Relax in the warm thermal water and enjoy basking in the timeless European charm of these baths. Budapest is the only metropolis in the world that is so rich in healing hot water sources. Her 118 thermal baths give 18.5 million gallons of 70-172°F warm thermal water on a daily basis. These waters are famous for their healing power. Budapest got voted among the 10 most beautiful cities in the world. (by ‘U City Guides’). It is even among the top 10 destinations in Europe by European Consumers Choice.

Your dental treatment in Budapest will not take up all your holiday time. Celebrate your new smile. Your Dental Personal Assistant will help you to find the activities for your taste for your stay.

Some activities you might find interesting:

  • Visit the incredible statues of Heroes Square
  • Discover the Castle Disctrict in Buda
  • Enjoy the peace and beauty of the parks and ancient ruins on Margaret Island
  • Hungarian wine tasting in Budapest or in the countryside
  • Take a relaxing cruise on the Danube
  • Enjoy an evening in the world-famous 130 years old Opera House

Save on dental care and enjoy your new smile!