Cost of full mouth dental implants:

dental implant cost-10 year guarantee on implants
Dental implants are often used in modern dentistry. With the help of a dental implant, you can replace lost teeth or you can place fixed or removable dentures. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium. The dentist inserts this root into the patient’s jawbone, then crowns and/or bridges can be placed on it in several ways.

The cost of full mouth dental implants depends on many factors. It depends on the quality of the dental implants (depends on the brands and the manufacturers), the number of dental implants required, the total number of teeth attached to the dental implants (dental crowns), the type of dental crowns, the location of the clinic, and the experience of the doctor.

The total cost of fixed teeth for full mouth dental implants consists of:

  • Dental implants and fixed dental crowns (Zirconia)
  • Medical consultation (examination, X-ray)
  • Bone grafting and sinus lift surgery (if necessary) 3D CT (CBCT) and stent (if needed)

Dental implant abroad costs are much more favorable than the cost of dental implants Western-Europe.

Dental implants in Hungary costs:

The indicated treatment and material prices depend on the quality and the prices of the individual clinics. Under the agreement with our partner dental clinics, you get the same prices with us that you would get asking the clinic directly for a quote. Since we have multiple partner clinics Hungarywide, we can carry out all kinds of dental treatments.

Cost of dental implants Western Europe – Hungary Western Europe* Hungary** You save
Alpha Bio dental implant cost Western Europe* –2510 € Hungary** –from 610 € You save – 78%
SGS dental implant cost Western Europe* –2490 € Hungary** –from 770 € You save – 69%
Straumann dental implant cost Western Europe* –2190 € Hungary** –from 870 € You save – 60%
Nobel dental implant cost Western Europe* –2860 € Hungary** –from 910 € You save – 59%
Immediate loading dental implant cost Western Europe* –2190 € Hungary** –from 750 € You save – 66%
Total costs: Western Europe* –12240 €
Hungary – 39105 380 €
You save – 8 330 €
erage prices based on the prices in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, Belgium, France, the Netherlands
**The prices are indicative, the treatment plan and quote is always prepared in Euro and shall be paid in Euro.
Cost of full mouth dental implants Western Europe* Hungary** You save
Minilift Western Europe* –750 € Hungary** –from 300 € You save – 60%
Sinus lift Western Europe* –1200 € Hungary** –from 360 € You save – 70%
A dental crown, metal-ceramic Western Europe* –750 € Hungary** –from 310 € You save – 59%
A dental crown, zirconia Western Europe* –970 € Hungary** –from 420 € You save – 57%
Anesthesia Western Europe* –1500 € Hungary** –from 550 € You save – 63%
Total costs: Western Europe* – 5170 €
Hungary – 1940 €
You save – 3 230 €
I want to get a quote**Average prices of the clinics of BestDentalSolutions
***The price depends on the duration of the anesthesia.

Various implant brands:

Our dental clinics work with the best implantation systems. Not only the brand (thus also the material) matters, but also the implantologist who carries out the intervention. The ratio between the value and the dental implant cost of the listed dental implant manufacturers is outstandingly high.

Two-phase implantation and immediately loading implants:

In the two-phase implantation (classic method), in the first phase, the dentist inserts the implant root in the patient’s jawbone partially and covers it with the gum. After a 3-6 month healing period, when the implant is rooted, the second phase follows. In this, the dentist places the dental implant abutment on the dental implant. Then he attaches a tooth crown/round bridge/bridge or removable implant-supported full denture to the dental implant abutments. Of course the number of necessary dental implants depends on the number of gaps, on the patient’s bone structure, etc. There is also the method of the so-called immediate loading implantation, where the implantation and the placement of dentures are performed in one visit. Consequently, with this method there is no healing period between the two dental treatments. You can find all the information on our ‘Immediate Loading of Dental Implants‘ site.

Dental bone grafting:

The difference between a ‘mini lift’ and a ‘sinus lift‘ is just in the size of the transplant. This means that a mini lift is above one or two teeth, and a sinus lift is in a quadrant, i.e. in half the jaw. Of course, dental bone grafting of any form is only necessary when the patient does not have enough bone substance in the jawbone for implantation.


For dental implant interventions, dentists always apply local dental anesthesia. However, full anesthesia is only necessary when a patient is an anxiety patient and is not able to cooperate with the doctor during the implantation. Under full anesthesia, the patient does not realize anything, because they are in an unconscious state, which the anesthetist and assistant then monitor with various devices.


Of course, each dental clinic gives a guarantee on their work. Dental implant manufacturers usually give a warranty of 5 years on the implants, and dental clinics give a 5 warranty on the surgical procedure. You can protect yourself this way.

Dental implant cost example

In order for you to get an idea about the trip and dental implant cost in Hungary, we show you a quick example with dental implants, dental implant abutments and metal-ceramic crowns. On average, the length of the first dental treatment is 2 working days and the second is 5 working days, with a healing period of 3 months between the two dental treatments. This example is to show you the general and dental implant costs and how affordable dental implants are. We must keep in mind, though, that each patient’s case is individual. Get a personalized quote with your cost of dental implants abroad from our staff.

Dental implants before and after pictures & testimonials:

Dental implant cost with fixed dental crowns – (6 pieces with 2*5 nights)

Dental implants abroad prices Western Europe Hungary You save
All prices are indicated in Euros Average prices*
A dental implant (fixture & abutment) * Western Europe –2450 € 6 pieces –14700 € Hungary –770 € 6 pieces –4620 € You save –10080 €
Temporary dental crown* Western Europe –200 € 6 pieces –1200 € Hungary –100 € 6 pieces –600 € You save –600 €
Dental crown average crown* Western Europe –750 € 6 pieces –4500 € Hungary -310 € 6 pieces –1860 € You save –2640 €
Consultation Western Europe –55 € once –55 € Hungary –FREE once – 180 € You save -55 €
Panoramic x-ray Western Europe –60 € 1 piece –60 € Hungary –40 € 1 piece –40 € You save –20 €
2 return flight tickets*** Western Europe –0 € twice –0 € Hungary –250 € twice -500 € You save –-500 €
2*5 nights**** Western Europe –0 € 5*2 nights –0 € Hungary –50 € 5*2 nights –550 € You save –-550 €
Total costs: Western Europe –20 515 €
Hungary –8 120 €
You save –12 395 €
I want to get a quote*Average prices based on the prices in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, Belgium, France, the Netherlands
**Average prices of the clinics of BestDentalSolutions
**The prices are indicative, the treatment plan and quote is always prepared in Euro and shall be paid in Euro.

***Source:, average prices of main airports in Western Europe

***In 3 star Hotel Jagello Business Hotel (Depending on the season, airfare and accommodation prices can differ)

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