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Sinus lift is a bone augmentation in the upper jaw. Learn about the procedure, the different materials being used and the prices - save 60% in Hungary!

Sinus lift, or also sinus floor augmentation

Bone augmentation in upper jaw – in other words: Sinus lift.

The “sinus floor augmentation”, aka “sinus lift” is a procedure to level out the too little bone substance in the upper jaw. The problem of limited bone supply may occur because the maxillary sinuses get larger and continuously extend in the upper jaw bone as we get older.
Dentists also use this solution when the jaw ridge is too narrow.
In this article you will get answers to the following:
Sinus lift

  • When is a sinus lift necessary?
  • Materials for bone augmentation – What options are available?
  • What is the procedure of a sinus lift operation?
  • Is there any pain?
  • Where can the jawbone augmentation be carried out?

When is a sinus lift necessary?

In a successful implantation, the quality of the bone plays the most important role. The bone must have a very good substance, as the artificial tooth root is embedded in the bone. The implant has to join with the surrounding bone. Therefore it is important that the jaw ridge has enough substance, so that the implant can grow together with the bone.

Materials for bone augmentation – What options are available?

Autologous bone can be recovered sufficiently from different parts of the body. There is no risk of infection for the patient and therefore the body’s own bone is superior to all other materials.
Natural bone substitute materials are obtained from animals (bone and connective tissues). Natural bone replacement materials are suitable for the filling of smaller jaw defects, or as addition to the patient’s own bone.
Synthetic bone substitute materials consist of ceramics based on calcium. They are produced as granules. Due to their moderate stability, dentists only use them to correct smaller jaw defects.
Your dentist will determine the right material for your case in base of the results of the necessary clinical and radiological examinations.

What is the procedure of a sinus lift operation?

In most cases, the dentist performs the sinus lift surgery under local anesthesia. The dentist lifts the sinus floor, carefully detaches the mucous membrane and pushes it upwards. This results in a deepening between the mucous membrane and alveolar ridge. The dentist fills this void with bone graft material or with the patient’s own bone.
In some cases the dentist can carry out the sinus lift and the placement of implants in the same session, but oftentimes there is a healing period of 3 to 6 months between the two procedures.

Is there any pain?

You may experience some pain after the effect of the anesthesia wears off. Your dentist will recommend you suitable painkillers (mostly: Ibuprofen 400) for any eventual discomfort and pain. You must avoid medications containing ASA (acetylsalicylic acid), as aspirin, as they cause or enhance bleeding. If your doctor has prescribed you antibiotics, take the medication as prescribed, even if you have no complaints whatsoever.

Where can the jawbone augmentation be carried out?

In principle, there are only a few places in Europe where dental surgeons perform the surgery for the jaw bone grafting. Hungary is one of the most famous places of internationally renowned dental treatments. A dental treatment in Hungary is exceptionally reliable because of our excellent and well-trained doctors. Furthermore, it is important to know that the dental tourism in Hungary is well developed and organised, so that patients can travel back home with the greatest satisfaction about their teeth.
The cost of a sinus lift in Hungary is around 550 €.

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