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What are e max veneers, e-max crowns, emax teeth?

When can we use E-max veneers? Benefits of E-max crowns. Everything that you need to know about e-max teeth.

The E-max veneers are one of the greatest products in aesthetic dentistry. With the help of contact lens-like ceramics, we can achieve significant changes in a very short time when it comes to colour and size differences or minor defects. The E-max veneers are the secret behind the perfect Hollywood smile.

The main points of our article are the following:
emax veneers

What you need to know about veneers

Veneers are thin layers bonded to the front surface (lip side) of the teeth for aesthetic purposes. Many people compare them to contact lenses because they fit perfectly to the surface of the damaged tooth, however, unlike contact lenses, they are not removable, but are bonded to the surface of the tooth.
The word (verb veneer) means: cover, mask, hide. The name says it all: with the help of veneers we can correct minor aesthetic problems with minimal intervention: discolouration, size differences, gaps between the teeth and other minor defects.

Types of veneers.

Veneers can be divided into two groups based on the way they are made. One is a direct veneer that is sculpted on your teeth and the other is the indirect veneer mare in a dental laboratory. Let’s see what the main features are.

Direct composite veneers.

Direct or composite veneers are light-cured. The direct veneers are made by the dentist in the dental office within one treatment session. There is no need for a diagnostic cast.
It is typically cheaper to make direct veneers, but they are less durable and slightly lower quality.

What are emax veneers?

Indirect, or porcelain veneers.

Indirect, or porcelain veneers require longer preparation. Before fitting, you need a consultation or other treatments, a diagnostic cast and laboratory work as well. Although thanks to the dental technology used, the construction is much more precise and the effect is more natural.

E-max veneers.

E-max veneers are the best quality products among indirect veneers. They are made of durable, quality materials, yet they create a thin layer, making them look natural. E-max veneers are durable, hypoallergenic and metal-free. However, the most important advantage of E-max veneers is that they don’t require too much preparation. There is no need to polish the teeth before fitting.
E-max veneers don’t affect the back of the teeth. They typically cover the front surface of the tooth, they only touch the sides and back of the tooth. This solution ensures perfect coverage.

When can we use E-max veneers?

E-max veneers provide a great solution in cases where the patient’s teeth are healthy, but he or she isn’t happy with the appearance of the teeth. Problems with the shape, minor defects or discolouration can make patients feel discontent with their teeth, or maybe tooth whitening wasn’t successful.
E-max veneers can provide an effective solution to the following problems.

Enamel defects.

An uneven enamel layer and minor defects of this layer are called enamel defects. The veneer acts as a new, shiny coating layer, hiding these minor flaws.

Minor damages.

Accidents and minor injuries can cause small cracks in the teeth or on the surface of the teeth, which can affect the whole appearance of your teeth. The individually tailored E-max veneers are excellent for covering these problems.

Cracked, chipped teeth.

During eating, small damages and cracks can occur on the chewing surface of the tooth. For example, when eating different nuts, opening the harder shells with the tooth can, in many cases, cause serious damage to the biting edge of the tooth.

Discolouration of the teeth.

discoloured teeth
Tooth discolouration is very common. The reasons are discussed in detail below.

  • Discolouration after root canal treatment.
  • Lifestyle: coffee and tea, poor oral hygiene, smoking.
  • Discolouration caused by medications.
  • Genetics.

If internal or external tooth bleaching doesn’t help with this problem, E-max veneers can bring you the desired results.

Minimal lengthening of small or short teeth.

Since E-max veneers provide excellent coverage of the surface of the teeth, they help to reduce or eliminate minor differences in the size of the teeth. Thus, the appearance of the teeth becomes more uniform, and harmonious.

When is it not recommended to use E-max crowns?

As already mentioned, veneers are an excellent tool for correcting minor defects. E-max veneers are perfect for fine-tuning. In the following cases though, instead of E-max veneers, other dental solutions are needed.

Badly damages teeth.

E-max veneers are not suitable for repairing badly damaged teeth. These problems are discussed below.

    • dental crowding,

emax veneers hygiene

  • bite problems,
  • major damage to the front tooth that also affects chewing,
  • large fillings,
  • inflamed gums,
  • larger gaps between teeth,
  • major aesthetic problems.

Lifestyle, hygiene.

E-max veneers are not recommended if the patient’s lifestyle prevents or rules out using them.

  • poor oral hygiene,
  • teeth grinding at night,
  • use of mouth guards for sports,
  • use of wind musical instruments.

We emphasize that this list is not complete. The preparation for a successful E-max veneer fitting always requires consultation beforehand.

Benefits of E-max veneers.

E-max veneers are one of the top products in aesthetic dentistry. Below, you can read about the most important properties of E-max veneers.

    • E-max veneers are made of ultra-strong, durable porcelain,

emax crowns

  • metal-free and hypoallergenic,
  • thin (about half a millimetre),
  • translucent material,
  • lifelike – the treated tooth blends in with its surroundings.
  • Veneers are easy to make, the fitting is painless, and
  • they provide a long-term solution.

Often there is no need to prepare and polish the tooth before fitting the E-max veneers. Thus, we can say that getting Emax veneers involves minimal inconvenience. If some preparation is necessary before fitting, the teeth only have to be polished. The pain and discomfort that comes with teeth polishing is minimal and can be eliminated with local anaesthesia on request.

How veneers are made.

Unlike direct venners, E-max veneers require some time to make. However, the result is worth the preparation and effort. Thanks to the excellent dentist’s offices and laboratories, the process of making the veneers can be completed in a week.


As part of the consultation, the specialist will assess the condition of your teeth and you will discuss what dental solutions are best for your problems.

The treatment plan, smile planning

As part of the first consultation or as part of the next consultation a detailed plan will be drawn up. If required, a digital previsualisation of your teeth can be created using smile design software.
One of the most important parts of design is colour design. The key to choosing the right colour is to make sure the colour of the finished veneers is perfect for your features.

Diagnostic cast.

Diagnostic casts are made in the first appointment after minimal preparation (polishing) of the teeth. The preparation and diagnostic cast are painless procedures, but local anaesthesia is perfect for these minor inconveniences.
At the end of the treatment, temporary veneers can be placed on the teeth if necessary. So you don’t have to be ashamed of your teeth while your veneers are being made.

Laboratory work.

The dental laboratory will create your custom venners with the help of diagnostic casts. This process usually takes 3-4 days.

Veneer cementation.

Your dentist will place the veneer on your tooth and examine its fit. If you like it, your doctor will cement it to your tooth. During the cementation of E max veneers you might feel mild discomfort or temporary sensitivity may occur. However, with local anaesthesia, this can easily be eliminated.

The secret to the longevity of E-max teeth.

E-max veneers will last years. Unlike direct veneers, indirect veneers have a lifespan of up to a decade. Of course, as with any dental procedures, oral hygiene, care, and lifestyle are extremely important in terms of durability. In this chapter, we will talk about aftercare.

Cleaning E-max veneers.

emax veneers hygiene
For cleaning E-max veneers, we recommend using extra-soft toothbrushes and enamel-friendly toothpaste. It is also extremely important to clean the spaces between the teeth when brushing your teeth.
Since E-max veneers don’t cover the back of the tooth, poor oral hygiene is a risk factor in the development of dental caries. Therefore, in addition to interdental spaces, you should take special care in this area as well.

Prevention of gingivitis.

Inflammations don’t favour the aesthetic characteristics of E-max veneers, as the cementation joints become visible when the gums retract. If the shape of the gums changes as a result of inflammation, it may be necessary to make new veneers.

Avoiding bad habits.

The thin shells of E max veneers are vulnerable, so its wearers are strongly recommended to avoid some bad habits. These include nail-biting, chewing the tip of a pencil, breaking the strong shell of nuts with our teeth, etc.
The veneers are sensitive to heat or sudden temperature changes. It is therefore advisable to avoid consuming food and drinks that are too hot or too cold.
Since the damaged indirect veneers can’t be repaired, the only solution is to make another set of veneers.

Due to excellent dental laboratories and market competition, the benefits offered by E-max veneers are now available to everyone. The price of E-max veneers, the professional work involved in making them and the benefits are perfectly in line now. If you want the finest solution for your dental problems, consult your dentist and select the custom treatment plan that suits you best.

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